Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Quickie Design Board for Artist Book

I needed a quick, easy and small design board for my artist book pages.

I had several small foam boards that I had bought at Dollar Tree. I cut batting 2 inches larger than the board on all sudes, then trimmed and taped the batting corners to the back first. 

Next I pulled all the batting to the back and taped it all around. I was lucky enough to have a roll of white duct tape that I need to use up. 
I can see using it for a tute on Mug Bucket pocket folds. 
Love my little design board! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New! Jitter Bucket Jr 4 Quart Pattern

The new pattern to up-cycle 4 quart ice cream buckets will be online Friday. The original Jitter Bucket (shall we call it Sr?) fit the 5 quart ice cream buckets, which are no longer available. A 5 quart paint bucket works just fine and can be purchased most anywhere paint is sold. 

But....what do we do with all those free, gallon-size buckets when the ice cream is gone. The JB Jr will be online Friday so start buying that ice cream and emptying the buckets. :)