Saturday, August 27, 2011

For a birthday gift I made this tissue holder from inkjet-printed  fabric and Kim Kruzich’s free pattern at: .
Super easy.

The pix are from when we climbed Pinnacle Mountain, something on my Bucket List.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Shower Gift

SM made this cute Kitty Scoop Bucket for a  baby shower!  She said she wished she had added trim to the tops of the pockets.  Not too late...Liquid Stitch and clothes pins or clips would hold ribbon or any trim.  I attached a pocket flap to a prototype bag I'm making, and it's still holding after 3 weeks.  Time to finish that pattern.....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sassy Kat Adjustments

The only kitty bucket I could find with a wire bale is 12.5 tall and the diameter across in the inside is 11 and 11.5 outside. Since this is my first one and want to use it for a baby shower, I want it to look nice. How would you suggest I enlarge the pattern to make it fit?

The pattern has an adjustment for a 12 inch high bucket. I would add an inch to the bottom of the body on the outside. You could increase the depth of the pockets by a half inch, but I probably wouldn’t. Regarding the inside measurements, the pattern is made for a 10 by 12 inch bucket. I would just draw a pattern from the base of your kitty litter bucket and add a half inch to all sides. So if your bucket was 11 X 11 inches, I would make a rounded square bottom 12 X12. That would allow for a half inch seam allowance on all sides. Pin the darts and fit the body to your new base before you do any stitching.

BTW, I use both the wire and the plastic bales. I would love to have a picture of your finished bucket. What a great idea! Let me know if you have any questions.

Does the center piece do anything except divide it in half.  I am thinking I don't want it divided.
The center piece serves no structural purpose.  The walls of the kitty scoop bucket are rigid enough to hold it’s shape without the wooden dowel in the center divider.  Sounds like a winner to me. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jitter Bucket Drawstring Top

The drawstring top works really well if you are planning to carry small items inside the Jitter Bucket.

Cut two 6 x 14 inches of contrasting or matching fabric.
Cut two 30 inches of 1/4” wide ribbon.
Turn under and hem the short edges.
Make a ½ inch casing on one long edge of each.
Edge finish the other long edges.
Before sewing the side seams of the Jitter Bucket attach to the bucket ½ inch above the center divider with the finished edge toward the bottom of the bucket.
Insert a ribbon into the casings and tie ends together. Insert another ribbon from the opposite side and tie ends.