Saturday, December 26, 2009

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Mug Bucket Over the Top

I thought it would be great to make another layer of pockets in clear vinyl and make them slots for pictures of family, friends or places visited. I see unlimited possibilities. You can see on the one picture how to pleat the full size pocket. The vinyl pocket is about an inch shorter and stitched every other pleat.
If you need more detail, contact me at
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

I had an early Thanksgiving with my youngest daughter, her 11 year old son, my other grandson 13, my nineteen year-old granddaughter and her friend. The boys helped cook in some creative ways. One opened the cans of corn and poured them in a pot. The other opened the green beans cans, and hearing me say put them in the pot and not paying attention to the other pot nearby, poured the green beans, both cans, over the corn. A new dish was created.

The boys also made the fruit salad. The oldest, directed to slice the bananas in inch slices, did so in short order and then asked, "Did you want them peeled?" Actually, it was very good day

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mug Bucket by Rita

Here is a photo of my FABULOUS Mug Bucket that I made from your AWESOME pattern! I am a stay-at-home-mom, and I also sew for a living and this is the handiest-dandiest thing I have come across to have all my & "essentials" by my side so my little girl can't get into them. It also makes it 'sew' easy for me to transport all those said items from one part of my house, to another. Thanks for coming up with such a GREAT INVENTION!!! Rita Sheloff Kootenay Custom Quilting...Your memory quilt maker. ,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sassy Kat Bucket Pattern

These Sassy Kat Buckets were made by Susan Trudo. Didn't she do a great job?
She has some humerous but helpful tips in the Gallery on my website, Posted by Picasa

Jiffy Saque

Have you ever bought more than you could carry? I do it all the time. In Hawaii recently, I really overdid it. My purse was too small, my tote bags too big and bulky.

At Discount Fabrics in Kona on the Big Island, I bought 45 inches (a perfect square) of this beautiful batik.

I tied opposite corners together in a double knot, leaving two inch tails. I tied the remaining corners in an overhand knot making 12 inch tails.

Then I tied these long tails together in a double knot for a perfect carrier for my shopping and later as a beach bag when we went on to Honolulu. My husband never objected to carrying it, and even once asked where was his "beach bag." Being on the bias, it doesn't slip off your shoulders.

Also I put the opening over my head and gave the load a quick twist to make a sort of fanny pack that distributed the weight over my hips and lower spine instead of my shoulders.

Four yards of fabric, 2 water bottles, wallet, makeup bag, journal and a sketch pad were in this bag on my shoulder and there was room for more.

I chose batik because it doesn't fray and looks good on both sides. Hand-dyes would do the same. I think I'll put a narrow hem on the raw edges now that I am home - after I rake those leaves!

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sassy Kat Bucket

This is the Sassy Kat bucket organizer made to fit over the kitty litter buckets. If you don't own a cat, you probably have friends that do. I'm into recycling everything we can in order to save our landfills. The pattern is in PDF format and there are no shipping charges. See more at


Kathy suggested the following: On the silk Mug Bucket, I would possibly embroider the recipient's name or greeting ("for Georgia with thanks, Kathy" or "I belong to Kathy") or some little quip like "Live, Love, Laugh" around the top. Or cutsey "Kathy's Krafty Bucket". If it was a gift for a teacher I would suggest embroidering apples and a-b-c on the outer pockets, if a gift for a new baby doing "baby" items or abc's. Depends on the reason for the gift. It also makes a great gift for a college student's desk in the school colors.

I have one I bought years ago, commercially made, and I use it on my sewing/craft table. I stuffed one of the side pockets and covered the stuffed pocket top with fabric and use it as a pin cushion. It has so many possibilities.

The Sassy Kat Bucket would be cute covered with maybe canvas and the little kids could use it to carry their sand toys. It's also sturdy enough that they could sit on it. We have a very small (2x4) raised sand box/water box for our 1 yr. old grandbabies to play in and the Sassy Kat Bucket is just the right size for them. The bigger buckets make great "storage" seats for Polly Pockets and soldiers and legos and all those small toy sets. That's something we used when our own kids were little. I covered the lids for seats and the kids painted the sides with pictures.

Just some of my thoughts. Aren't buckets wonderful !!!


I made the Mug Bucket pattern in silk Dupioni for a friend and then couldn't part with it. I plan to make another and embroider on the pockets and possibly around the top. I have received some good ideas that I will post later.