Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Special Holiday Sale - $2.99 on Most Patterns

Special $2.99 holiday sale on the most popular PDF craft patterns at www.bucketsgonewild.com, www.Etsy.com, and www.Craftsy.com in the Buckets Gone Wild! shops.

This has been a great year wth the introduction of the Doodle Doos with the Bunny Bucket.  Braided, the Doodle Doos make a really neat and sturdy handle.  Filled with a special yarn, a Doodle Doo can be fashioned into a bow or other embellishment for the Bunny Bucket. 

Only until 1/1/15 will this one-time, thank-you offer will be made.

Of course, the Walker Tote, the best-selling pattern of all time, will continue at its almost-free price.