Thursday, September 27, 2012

Buttons and Bows?

Not bows, but hair elastics!  These make the Mug Bucket fit so much better over the cup.  You've got to try it. Just put buttons above and below the Velcro marking.  Of course you sew them on by machine.  I just love it.  So much easier.     

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Pattern Almost Ready

I'm putting the finishing touches on my new pattern, working title "Bucket to Go."  It is a flexible little, well not so little, organizer that can sit in our car to hold drinks, sunglasses, etc.. You can take it to your quilt meet, and it will hold your sewing supplies, your scraps, or what have you.  Look for a picture by this weekend.  My husband wants one for his car caddy, and a friend wants one for a purse insert.  It is going to be very versatile.  Stay tuned....

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Productive Procrastination??

This Mug Bucket is something I whipped up while waiting to get energized to do what I really needed to do. Make sense?? I call it Productive Procrastinating.  I do think it turned out quite well and didn't take long at all.  I decided that I would make just four pockets on the inside instead of six, and it was much, much quicker and the pockets are more useful for makeup brushes, pens and such.  In fact, they form a nice little cloverleaf looking down from above.  Of course, I will incorporate it in the next printing and will detail it in the newsletter. Go to my website to sign up for my newsletter, which will be coming out this weekend.  I also have a great substitute for the Velcro that I'll be writing about and will add to the ePatterns too.  When I've got a big project to do (finishing a new pattern), my mind goes into overdrive! I did finish the pattern, but I have to tweak it a bit.  Now, let me see what I can find to do......   

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wonder Clips are Wonderful!

I  just used my recently purchased Wonder Clips for making my Mug Bucket pattern.  I wish I had had them when I was designing that pattern.  They are wonderful! I'll be using them with future designs for sure. 

They held the bias binding securely in place without the use of pins and were easy to open and remove. Made sewing bias binding a breeze!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Sweet Note

I got the following note from a very sweet lady who needed to download her PDF patterns to a Kindle Fire and then transfer the files to her home computer, something that I was not familiar with:
I am sincerely grateful for your patience and professionalismregarding my "delimna" in downloading the mug and jitterpatterns.  I was able to successfully download both patterns.  I'mmost impressed with your prompt response to my emails and phonecalls for assistance.  Please feel free to use my comments as atestimony of my satisfaction with your patterns and customer service.
Again, thank you.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Life Organizer on the Drawing Table?

In response to a survey question of what type organizer customers would like to see next, one person responded with "Life Organizer."  Coming right up, but I get the first one.LOL

I do have a real neat organizer pattern that will soon be published.  You have the option of fusing or quilting a fat quarter of cotton (approximately 18 X 22 inches) to fleece.  It gives the organizer a lot of body, and quilting it is a good chance to practice your FMQ, if you are into that.  I went to a Regional Studio Art Quilters Assoc meeting yesterday and got to admire some beautiful designs and free motion quilting.

In preparation for the final walk through on this pattern, I sat down and FMQ'd a full fat quarter.  I did pretty good, and plan to show it in the pattern instructions.  I would never take it to a quilt guild for show and tell, but it will be great for this pattern, as yet unnamed.  The name will come to me soon, just like the finishing details have.

Then, on to the Life Organizer!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Facebook Page Name

I guess the whole world knew before I did that your FB page could have a name, and there would not be a need to copy and paste all those letters, numbers and symbols.  Now my posts that refer to my page will be just

I've been productively procrastinating all day.  Instead of doing all the things I should, I made zippered, monogrammed makeup bags for two friends.  I'll share the pictures tomorrow.