Monday, August 31, 2009


Kathy suggested the following: On the silk Mug Bucket, I would possibly embroider the recipient's name or greeting ("for Georgia with thanks, Kathy" or "I belong to Kathy") or some little quip like "Live, Love, Laugh" around the top. Or cutsey "Kathy's Krafty Bucket". If it was a gift for a teacher I would suggest embroidering apples and a-b-c on the outer pockets, if a gift for a new baby doing "baby" items or abc's. Depends on the reason for the gift. It also makes a great gift for a college student's desk in the school colors.

I have one I bought years ago, commercially made, and I use it on my sewing/craft table. I stuffed one of the side pockets and covered the stuffed pocket top with fabric and use it as a pin cushion. It has so many possibilities.

The Sassy Kat Bucket would be cute covered with maybe canvas and the little kids could use it to carry their sand toys. It's also sturdy enough that they could sit on it. We have a very small (2x4) raised sand box/water box for our 1 yr. old grandbabies to play in and the Sassy Kat Bucket is just the right size for them. The bigger buckets make great "storage" seats for Polly Pockets and soldiers and legos and all those small toy sets. That's something we used when our own kids were little. I covered the lids for seats and the kids painted the sides with pictures.

Just some of my thoughts. Aren't buckets wonderful !!!


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