Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jiffy Saque

Have you ever bought more than you could carry? I do it all the time. In Hawaii recently, I really overdid it. My purse was too small, my tote bags too big and bulky.

At Discount Fabrics in Kona on the Big Island, I bought 45 inches (a perfect square) of this beautiful batik.

I tied opposite corners together in a double knot, leaving two inch tails. I tied the remaining corners in an overhand knot making 12 inch tails.

Then I tied these long tails together in a double knot for a perfect carrier for my shopping and later as a beach bag when we went on to Honolulu. My husband never objected to carrying it, and even once asked where was his "beach bag." Being on the bias, it doesn't slip off your shoulders.

Also I put the opening over my head and gave the load a quick twist to make a sort of fanny pack that distributed the weight over my hips and lower spine instead of my shoulders.

Four yards of fabric, 2 water bottles, wallet, makeup bag, journal and a sketch pad were in this bag on my shoulder and there was room for more.

I chose batik because it doesn't fray and looks good on both sides. Hand-dyes would do the same. I think I'll put a narrow hem on the raw edges now that I am home - after I rake those leaves!

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