Monday, January 11, 2010

I printed my grandson's art work on a silk scarf for his mom with my new Epson 1100. His work is awesome, and he is just in junior high.
I would like to try more of this. There are just so few ways you can display talent!!

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  1. Love your buckets. I see you've gone big-time. I just bought your Simplicity pattern for mug covers from Joann's Fabrics. I would have bought it from you, but I discovered the Simplicity pattern the day before I discovered your website. Congrats on your success. I love clever women!!

    I took a one-day class from my local American Sewing Guild chapter about three years ago. We covered a 5-quart paint bucket from the hardware store with pockets, lots o' pockets, on the inside and outside. I use mine all the time. Love it!! I made it out of denim...not as cute as yours, for sure.

    I have couple of ideas to share that perhaps you could use, if you would like. We made a casing with elastic on the bottom of our bucket. That way you can tighten it up as tight as you want, depending on how much or how little you put in your bucket. We just tied the elastic (1/4", 1/2", whatever you have laying around) in bow underneath the bucket. I don't think this would work so well on the small mugs, but perhaps on the bigger things.

    Also, I put my bucket on a lazy susan, the kind you get at Target and use for holding spices in the cabinet. It is just the perfect size. When I set my bucket, which is filled with sewing supplies, next to my sewing machine, it makes it very, very convenient to access all sides. The inisde is wide, so it fits a lot of goodies.

    Enjoy, ladies. These are the cutest patterns!!