Monday, October 22, 2012

All tests passed!

I made a flying trip to Monroe LA to visit two grandchildren, two children and friends.  Used my Go Bucket and loved it.  Husband used his denim Go Bucket on a trip to Dallas a few days earlier, and it passed the test with flying colors.  The lining was made from an oxford weave shirt that no longer fit.  Beautiful weave and red on white stripe was perfect with the denim.  I even left the shirt pocket in for a lining pocket. I love recycling!

Note the zippered pouch that holds coins and fits securely in the bottom of the Go Bucket.  That keeps the Go Bucket stable and upright, even with water bottles and coke cups in it.  The drawstring top can roll inward or outward to for different uses.  Of course, he had the top rolled inside.

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