Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Renewed Inspiration

Enjoying a family vacation skiing in Reno/Tahoe.  Enjoying being with my family while they ski, that is.  I had a lot of free time today at the lodge to review online workshops, tutorials and ebooks on my laptop.  I just signed up for Linda Matthews' Creative Explorer and will begin in earnest when I get back home. 
I bought Laura Wasilowski's new book, Fanciful Stitches, Colorful Quilts, for the trip.  I love the design of the patterns. Hand embroidery is great for times when I'm not near my computer for my machines, but that time is rare.
I've been listening to some of the business experts on making better use of our limited time.  I plan to look for a accountant when I get home to handle my books. I've lined up a person at Hancock's to do my pattern testing.  Those things tend to bog me down.
Wishing you happy sewing days!

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