Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jitter Bucket size

Care Package
Lynn wrote: I have just purchased the Mug Bucket from Home-Sew and am anxious to get started making one. I see you have a pattern for the jitter Bucket and I have a couple of questions. What are the dimensions, are the buckets specific to the pattern and where do you get them?

The bucket size is now in the Material List on the back of the pattern.  It is a 5 quart paint bucket, 8.5 diameter x 6.5 inches high.  The best place to buy them is at a hardware store or in the paint department at WalMart. The old ice cream buckets worked fine, but most have been replaced by a taller, thinner model.  Hmmm..... That just doesn't sound right!  :)

Happy sewing, Georgia

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