Sunday, September 9, 2012

Life Organizer on the Drawing Table?

In response to a survey question of what type organizer customers would like to see next, one person responded with "Life Organizer."  Coming right up, but I get the first one.LOL

I do have a real neat organizer pattern that will soon be published.  You have the option of fusing or quilting a fat quarter of cotton (approximately 18 X 22 inches) to fleece.  It gives the organizer a lot of body, and quilting it is a good chance to practice your FMQ, if you are into that.  I went to a Regional Studio Art Quilters Assoc meeting yesterday and got to admire some beautiful designs and free motion quilting.

In preparation for the final walk through on this pattern, I sat down and FMQ'd a full fat quarter.  I did pretty good, and plan to show it in the pattern instructions.  I would never take it to a quilt guild for show and tell, but it will be great for this pattern, as yet unnamed.  The name will come to me soon, just like the finishing details have.

Then, on to the Life Organizer!

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