Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Productive Procrastination??

This Mug Bucket is something I whipped up while waiting to get energized to do what I really needed to do. Make sense?? I call it Productive Procrastinating.  I do think it turned out quite well and didn't take long at all.  I decided that I would make just four pockets on the inside instead of six, and it was much, much quicker and the pockets are more useful for makeup brushes, pens and such.  In fact, they form a nice little cloverleaf looking down from above.  Of course, I will incorporate it in the next printing and will detail it in the newsletter. Go to my website to sign up for my newsletter, which will be coming out this weekend.  I also have a great substitute for the Velcro that I'll be writing about and will add to the ePatterns too.  When I've got a big project to do (finishing a new pattern), my mind goes into overdrive! I did finish the pattern, but I have to tweak it a bit.  Now, let me see what I can find to do......   

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